dlee_in_robes.jpgDekyi-Lee Oldershaw is a combination of inner peace and altruistic outer action. Her focus is the power and potential of the mind to affect positive change in personal purpose and health, work and organizations.

Co-author of 16 Guidelines for Life, she is an international trainer for the Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom, UK and trains facilitator globally.

Dekyi-Lee’s life spans various areas of expertise beginning with flatwater kayaking and coaching at an international level; she heralds from a family of four Canadian Olympic athletes. She built a marketing agency then trained and taught for seven years at the Findhorn Foundation, a world renown socio-ecological ly sustainable community and education centre in Scotland. She became a student of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, leading to seven years as a Buddhist nun. Since 1990, she has mentored and trained leaders, social services, education and healthcare professionals in enlightened leadership, compassion at radical action, the transformative power of the mind, social and universal responsibility for organizations looking to make a positive difference in their community, industry and the world. Dekyi-Lee’s wisdom and humor creates a dynamic, participative learning environment.

In 2007, she was nominated for the Athena Award for empowerment of women leaders and in 2008 was named Halton Woman of the Year. She is Director of the Centre for Compassion and Wisdom in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

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